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Hiker’s Page

Whether you visit with us or not, we welcome hikers to register and leave their itinerary with us should they wish to have a local resource knowing that they are hiking the area.

We will record start time, planned route, car registration, and emergency contact information. We will provide you with our toll-free phone number to contact us after your hike from any of the many pay phones located in the Notch to let us know that you are off trail.

As hikers, we welcome hikers and want to insure that all your hikes are safe ones.

Are you interested in exploring the hiking trails of the Franconia Notch State Park and the White Mountains?

At the Gale River Motel, we are more than willing to assist you in selecting the hiking adventures that will be best suited to your particular hiking interests and abilities.

Want to Hike the Franconia Notch?

What are you looking for?

Looking for an EASY hike?
Mt. Pemigewaset Loop or Bald Mountain / Artists Bluff

Looking for a CHALLENGE?
Greenleaf Trail to Summit of Mt. Lafayette, South along Franconia Ridge Trail / A.T., to Mt. Flume and out on Flume Slide Trail

Looking for something that’s GOOD FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY?
Basin-Cascade or Lonesome Lake

Hiker’s Services

(for guests staying a minimum of one night)

  • Free Shuttle to/from Franconia Notch Trail Heads
  • Package/Mail Pick-up
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Secure Equipment Storage

Nearby services include:

  • Concord Trailways bus stop
  • Post Office
  • Grocery Store
  • Sports Shop
  • Several Restaurants

Pay Phones are located at:

  • The Flume Gorge (Southern end of Notch)
  • Lafayette Campground (In the Notch)
  • Cannon Mt. Tramway (North end of the Notch)

Call From Trailhead for Pick-Up

Check out the Appalachian Trail Club New England Skills Training Seminars



Why I Love
New Hampshire

It’s Summer in New Hampshire
where the no-seeums, black flies, and ‘skeeters
are all just beginning to bite.
At every turn, the little varmits
are just waiting to alight.
The smell of bug repellent,
is heavy in the air.
As folks spray it liberally,
on skin and clothes and hair.
Oh, how I love New Hampshire
Where the sky is blue and bright.
If only it weren’t for the darn weather,
which changes over night.
Yes, the livin’ here is wonderful,
I guess I’ll stay a bit.
I would never leave New Hampshire
‘Cause my heart is stuck on it.