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Those Bloomin’ Lupines

After a slow start due to the cool and rainy spring, the Lupines are coming into full bloom throughout the region.  The garden at the Gale River Motel boasts a variety of blooms.  The uncommon pink, the abundant purple blossoms, and a variegated purple and white bloom that is quite unusual.  Having tried to establish the Lupines in the entryway garden in years past, this year’s garden is the best yet.  Given that Lupines are a biennial, the 1st year plants, numbering nearly two dozen, are a terrific indicator that next year’s garden will be even better.

Success this year seems to have resulted from the strategy of letting the seed pods dry on the stem and then in early fall after the plants die back, pull the stalks and let them dry indoors for several weeks.  Afterwards, shake out/cull out the seeds from the seed pods and let dry for another couple weeks…sew the seeds by casting them over the desired garden lot before the ground freezes, gently raking in the seeds and wait for spring.

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