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Gale River Motel Awarded Platinum Level Green Leader Ranking

The addition of the new solar photo-voltaic system designed to produce enough electricity to equal the annual consumption of electricity by the motel has catapulted the Gale River Motel to achieve’s highest recognition for sustainable lodging.  As one of leaders of sustainable lodging properties within the state of New Hampshire, the Gale River Motel is honored to be recognized by the world’s #1 travel site.

During the first 2-1/2 months of operations over 90% of the motel’s electric needs have been self-generated.  As the longer days approach and the sun rises higher in the sky, even more power will be generated, building a credit of electric power to be drawn down during the evening hours and on cloudy days.  For the Gale River Motel, electric bills should become a “thing of the past”!

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