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The GREEN Revolution Continues

The saga of eco-friendliness at the Gale River Motel continues with the replacement of the louvered bathroom windows. Due to the need to vent the build-up of humidity in the bathrooms, storm window inserts were never able to be installed on the 1950’s era bathroom windows which resulted in tremendous heat loss through a single-paned drafty window in all of the bathrooms.

The installation of energy efficient double-hung windows has eliminated one of the primary sources of cold-air infiltration into the motel units. Seasonal renters for the ski season have commented favorably on the efficiency of the windows that still afford the opportunity to vent, but when closed provide an effective barrier to the winter chill.

The Gale River will be hooking up the solar hot water heating system for the outdoor pool in the coming months, having chosen in 2011, to eliminate the propane pool heater and replace it with an in-line solar system.

The Gale River Motel continues to strive towards greater energy efficiency and resource utilization. We invite interested parties to contact us at 603-823-5655 to schedule a tour of the property or inquire about our efforts.

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