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New Eco-Friendly Initiatives for 2011

Continuing with eco-friendly improvements at the Gale River Motel, plans are in place for the installation of new energy efficient entry doors for all motel rooms and cottages in 2011. Over the years, a number of guests have commented on the illumination that shines into the rooms from the porch lights through the glassed entry doors. These single paned wooden frame doors, original to the motel, date back to the 1950’s and are not up to current standards of insulative quality. New insulated fiberglass solid-frame doors and casings will eliminate the porch light infiltration and provide for a more weather proof entry.

Also, new this year, complimenting the well established recycling program, an initiative to encourage guests to separate out compostable materials will be undertaken on the property. Housekeeping staff, in addition to separating out recyclables will focus on removing compostable materials from the waste stream.

ComposterA 27-cubic foot dual chambered compost tumbler has been acquired and will be ready to accept compostable materials at the start of the spring season. Composted materials will be used on the property’s gardens.

Another project under consideration is the installation of a solar pool heater. Logistics associated with this project needed to be analyzed once the snow melts and access to the pool area is possible.

The Gale River Motel continues to strive towards greater energy efficiency and resource utilization. We invite interested parties to contact us at 603-823-5655 to schedule a tour of the property or inquire about our efforts.

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