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Solar System Arrives at the Gale River Motel

Solar Collector InstallationThe Gale River Motel & Cottages has made a major investment in preserving the planet and reducing the business’s carbon-footprint with the installation of a solar hot water system. “I’ve contacted the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association and learned that as far as they know, the Gale River Motel will be the first motel in the state to install a solar hot water system,” states Kevin Johnson, owner of the Gale River Motel.

“Preserving and protecting the environment is the responsibility of each and every one of us as citizens of Planet Earth,” states Johnson. “Choosing to install this solar system at this time works on many levels. As a long-term investment it reduces the consumption of increasingly expensive carbon-based fuel. Increasingly, visitors are looking for eco-friendly lodging. Economists and politicians are encouraging Americans to spend as a means of stimulating the economy. If money needed to be spent, doing so in a manner that yielded a long-term positive impact financially and environmentally seemed the way to go” says Johnson.

The Gale River Motel, the only motel in the state recognized by the New Hampshire Sustainable Lodging and Restaurant Program (NHSLRP) as an Environmental Champion, has instituted an ambitious recycling program, installed compact fluorescent lighting and low flow water devices, developed a rainwater garden irrigation system, uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions, implemented a towel reuse program, and developed in-room guest education materials as strategies for translating a philosophy of sustainability into practice. “Kevin is one of the leaders in the NHSLRP. Not only does he constantly look for ways to reduce his motel’s environmental impact, but he also enthusiastically shares his knowledge with other businesses interested in doing the same,” states Michelle Veasey, NHSLRP Manager.

Solar CollectorsDNL Energy of Holderness, NH designed the system that will harness the energy of the sun to heat the motel’s domestic hot water. An alcohol-based solution circulating through three high performance solar collectors will transfer solar heat to one hundred and twenty gallons of domestic hot water stored in super-insulated hot water tanks providing guests with ample amounts of hot water.

Anyone interested in seeing the system in operation and stopping by to learn more about solar energy is invited to contact the Gale River Motel at 603-823-5655 to arrange a visit.

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